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  • May

    It’s That Time of Year Again!

    by siva
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    The end of the financial year is here again and the time of year when business owners, accountants and bookkeepers look for ways to streamline their services and find business advantages.

    Do you have the most up to date tools available?

    Financial systems such as MYOB and Xero contain a great deal of data which is not always easy to access in a usable form. Very big companies utilise expensive hardware and software to achieve this but here at Smart Reports we have developed affordable solutions for every sized business.

    Accountants and Bookkeepers, your clients need you to know about the availability of the most up to date systems.  Imagine astounding them by the knowledge you can offer them about their businesses.  Your services will become highly valued as you offer innovative, personalized solutions for their needs.

    Mining customer data can provide:

    • Cross-selling opportunities at higher margins
    • Improved customer satisfaction and retention opportunities
    • Identification of your most profitable clients
    • Enhanced company marketing and sales practices
    • Profitability of Jobs/projects undertaken and managed

    If an organisation decides to “mine” its inventory data, the benefits could be:

    • Improved forecasting of inventory requirements thereby reducing the value of stock held
    • Pricing and profitability trends over a period allowing just in time scheduling of inventory purchases and reduced warehouse costs
    • Supplier lock-in leading to better trade terms

    Read more about data mining

    Smart Reports Solutions are approved MYOB and Xero partners.  With over 10 years of implementation experience in the SME space we can help.  We understand the needs of your business having worked with many just like you. Hence the tools implemented are simple, easy to use, yet, powerful enough to manage the long-term needs.
    Smart Reports Solutions can provide you and your clients with:

    • Standard and customised reporting solutions for MYOB, Xero or Quicken.
    • Custom designed add-on solutions tailored to your clients needs.
    • Mobile Apps to increase productivity out of the office.
    • Cloud based add-on solutions


    Solutions for MYOB

    Specifically created for Bookkeepers, Consultants and Business Professionals, the following solutions can be used for any of your client data files and generate valuable business information. You can add your Executive Summary and astound your client.  Smart Reports Solutions are available for both MYOB Classic (AccountRight v19.9 and older versions) as well as MYOB AccountRight Live 2013.5 and 2014.

    Reporting Solutions

    1. Dashboard for MYOB – one page snapshot summary of key business indicators and performance data
    2. Jobs & Finance Reports Pack – 23 comprehensive reports covering P&L, GST, GL transactions and much more
    3. Sales Reports Pack – 25 comprehensive reports covering customers, products, customer / product groups, salesperson and much more – NOW AVAILABLE FOR MYOB ACCOUNTRIGHT LIVE 2013.5 AND 2014
    4. Consolidation System – generated consolidated P&L and Balance sheet reports from 2 or more company files
    5. Job/Category Budget System – maintain monthly budgets on Jobs and Categories and generate P&L and Budget Variance reports

    Database Solutions

    1. Pricing Matrix System for MYOB – fantastic tool for any wholesaler, distributor and retailer business to manage customer special pricing
    2. Hiring / Rental Management System – fantastic tool for any Hiring / Renting business to manage end-to-end hiring functions – NOW AVAILABLE FOR MYOB ACCOUNTRIGHT LIVE 2013.5 AND 2014
    3. Sales Orders to Purchase Orders – fantastic tool for wholesaler, distributor, retailer business to automate purchase ordering from Sales orders


    Solutions for Xero

    1. Pricing Matrix add-on – specifically created for wholesalers, distributors and retailers, this add-on maintenance customer specific product pricing and raise sales invoices in Xero based on prices and generate customer price list
    2. RentalSaaS – Hiring/Rental Add-on for Xero– specifically created for hiring / rental companies such as Scaffolding, Container hire, Mobility hire, Forklifts, Plant & Machinery, Party goods hire, Port-a-loo, Event management and all other kinds of hiring/rental businesses


    Go straight to the top and talk 1:1 via our website live chat feature with Siva Sivakumar the Managing Director of Smart Reports Solutions. In only a few minutes he will identify your needs and provide a solution that will change the way you do business.

    Or  Phone: 1300 131 842  or  Email

    Don’t miss out on our EOFY special deals.
    10% discount on all orders placed for customised reporting and add-on solutions before May 31, 2014 with guaranteed delivery before June 30, 2014.

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  • Feb

    February 2014 General Newsletter

    by siva
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    What’s New in 2014 from Smart Reports?

    The last few months have been very busy here at Smart Reports as we design and develop new product solutions for our customers. We have welcomed a new administration and sales team member to our staff. Louise, has many years experience in sales and marketing and loves helping customers find exactly what they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

    We will very shortly be releasing our new MYOB AR live package and have just released upgrades to our extremely popular Xero Rental Add on – RentalSaaS. Over the next 6 months we will be releasing mobile apps for our rental and pricing matrix software.

    So watch this space for offerings from Smart Report Solutions and RentalSaaS.


    Smart Reports add-on solutions help you add significant value to your business and that of your client. ‘

    As approved MYOB and Xero partners you can be confident that our 10 years of add-on solutions and implementation experience with SME’s ensures Smart Reports understands the needs of your business.  We provide tools that are simple, to implement, easy to use and powerful enough to manage the long-term needs of your business and that of your clients.

    Smart Reports Solutions provide:

    • Standard and customized MYOB, Xero and Reckon solutions.
    • Personalized add-on solutions tailored to individual client needs.
    • Improve productivity and work anywhere with our Mobile Apps
    • Harness the power of Cloud based add-on solutions.
    • An innovative, easy to use Rental Manager – RentalSaaS


    Solutions for MYOB

    Specifically created for Bookkeepers, Consultants and Business Professionals our solutions allow you to help your client generate valuable business information. Your services will become highly valued as you offer innovate, personalized solutions to suit your client’s needs.

    Reporting Solutions & Database Solutions

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    Solutions for Xero

    1. Pricing Matrix add-on – specifically created for wholesalers, distributors and retailers, who need to maintain customer specific product pricing and raises sales invoices based on prices or individual clients.    Cloud Version click here
    2. GST Report by Account code – listing GST values for
    3. Selected GL accounts over a selected period

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    We are always happy to provide live demonstrations of our products so please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 131842 or contact us by email

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