• Mobility Hiring

    Companies providing Mobility Hire services need to contend with many things such as:

    • Maintaining serial numbers on hire items
    • Managing hires as well as sales of items
    • Manage hires for healthcare providers such as hospitals, DVA etc while maintain details of end clients who use the hire equipment
    • Manage different pricing for normal hire, DVA hire etc
    • Renew hires or terminate them
    • Manage equipment service logs and maintenance details
    • much much more.

    As a mobility hire service provider:

    • Are you using multiple Excel spreadsheets or other manual lists that duplicate data everywhere that does not link to your accounting system?
    • Are you spending hours reconciling data between your accounting system and other systems and not knowing true picture of current status of all hires?
    • Are you losing profits due to the inability to charge accurately for hire equipment and other charges (eg delivery/pickup etc)?

    If your answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, then the Smart Reports Mobility Hiring add-on system is the ideal solution that will further streamline your hiring management and deliver direct profits to your business.  Its powerful configuration tools let you customize it to suit your business. And its intuitive, user-friendly interface means less time learning and more time working.

    It can post transactions directly to your accounting system —no more redundant data entry. And because they share the same information you don’t have to worry about duplicate data.


    Click the tabs below to learn more about the range of solutions available for your industry and the accounting system you use.

    Whether you’re a manager, employee or finance professional, the Mobility Hiring add-on system for MYOB helps you automate all aspects of Hire Management, including:

    • hire agreements
    • invoicing
    • maintaining inventory and stock
    • tracking stand-down periods
    • generating continuous invoices
    • generating picking slips
    • calculating rental amounts based on hire type
    • hire terminations.

    And you can search on multiple parameters at once to find the information you need in seconds.

    You can also use it to generate comprehensive reports on:

    • item-wise revenue breakup
    • current stock availability
    • hires due
    • frequently used items
    • inventory maintenance and repair
    • exceptions.

    And best of all, it integrates easily with MYOB ®*.

    The Hiring system administration module helps you create role-based security to protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure your employees can only access the information they need.

    It also includes a backup module, so if disaster strikes you can quickly get back to business.

    Here’s what else it will let you do:

    • Track serial numbers as you hire items in and out—no more spreadsheets or manual registers
    • Send emails and print directly from the application
    • Maintain inventory details in either MYOB or Smart Hire Maestro®
    • Maintain warehouse locations and stock availability
    • Terminate hires for individual items in the agreement (or all of them)
    • Easily include/exclude weekends when calculating rent
    • Automatically calculate rental amounts based on the hire type of each item in the Hire Agreement
    • Take bookings, and then either cancel them or quickly convert them to hires once they’ve been confirmed
    • Easily configure stand-down periods, holiday/vacation, hire types and rental periods

    Need more information? Want to see an online demo? Contact the experts at Smart Reports by completing the Enquiry section.


    We provide below indicative pricing on the Hiring add-on system.  A firm quote will be provided upon discussion and confirmation of requirements.  Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.  GST is not applicable for customers in New Zealand and other countries.

    • Base price – $1,999 (single-user license)
    • Additional license – $229 per user
    • Installation, configuration and training – $330
    • Annual license – $299
    • Customisation – quoted on requirements specified

    Just as an indication, a typical installation ranges from $2,500 – $4,000 depending on level of customisation required.

    The Hiring add-on for Xero is currently under development and expressions of interest is sought.  For further details, please complete the Enquiry page and click the Submit button.

    The Hiring add-on for Quickbooks is currently under development and expressions of interest is sought.  For further details, please complete the Enquiry page and click the Submit button.

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