• Xero Pricing Matrix – Cloud Version


    • Are you a wholesaler, distributor, retailer looking for ways to simplify your pricing?
    • Are you finding it difficult to maintain flexible pricing scheme as per your customer needs and market demands?
    • Are you struggling with Excel sheets in maintaining pricing for the items, customers and looking for a solution that eases out the complexities involved?
    • Are you looking at increasing your profitability by driving the right pricing model?
    • Are you looking for ways to enhance customer loyalty and improved customer experience?

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    If your answer is “Yes” to any one of the above, then look no further.  The Xero™  Pricing Matrix add-on is the right solution for maintaining Product and Product-group specific pricing for your Customers.


    Specifically created for businesses in the wholesale, distribution, retail and manufacturing industries, the Xero add on Customer Pricing Matrix system allows users to maintain Product and Product-group specific pricing for their Customers. You can maintain individual prices and/or Discounts for Customers. You can generate Sales Invoices directly from the Xero add on system which will use relevant pricing from Pricing Matrix based on customers and products ordered.

    You can maintain pricing based on quantity breaks as well as pricing for specific sales campaigns.


    • Maintain Product / Product-group specific Selling Price for Customers – either $ or discount % on Base Selling Price
    • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one product or product group to another product or product group
    • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one customer to another customer
    • Generate Price Lists for individual customers
    • Automatic transfer of Invoices, Orders to Xero


    • Helps price your products accurately eliminating inconsistencies
    • Flexibility to maintain special campaign pricings, discount/rebates during specific periods such as festivals/holiday seasons
    • Simplifies your multiple pricing structures, customer pricing options and discounts
    • Eliminates Credit Risks. Ensures that the right pricing is used at the right time
    • You can Group your Items and Customers, apply your special pricing to them
    • You can set the order of priority to apply the right pricing either based on Customers or Items
    • You can create a pricing template and apply them to multiple products or customers
    • Designed to work with your Xero™ Accounting System

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    Cloud Based Smart Reports Pricing Matrix System for Xero

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