• Customer Pricing Matrix Add on System


    The Customer Pricing Matrix system allow users to maintain Product and Product-group specific pricing by Customer cards in MYOB. You can maintain individual prices and/or Discounts for Customers. You can generate Sales Invoices, Orders and Quotes (including Backorders) directly from the Add-on system which will use relevant pricing from Pricing Matrix based on customers and products ordered.

    Note: Pricing Matrix system is now available for MYOB AccountRight Live v2016.1 or earlier versions as well.

    You can also maintain Supplier specific Pricing Matrix based on Products / Products groups.


    • Maintain Product / Product-group specific Selling Price for Customers – either $ or discount % on Base Selling Price
    • Maintain Product / Product-group specific Purchase Price for Suppliers – either $ or discount % on Supplier Price
    • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one product or product group to another product or product group
    • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one customer to another customer
    • Generate Price Lists for individual customers
    • Automatic transfer of Invoices, Orders, Quotes to MYOB


    Maintain individual prices for customers based on Products / Product groups http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-antibiotics/ bought. Create Invoices, Orders and Quotes utilising the Pricing Matrix and post the details directly to MYOB thereby eliminating duplicate data entry. Generate individual price lists for Customers based on the Pricing Matrix rather than a generic price list that is then modified for each customer, thereyby saving significant time and effort.

    Click on each image below to view the screens.

    Pricing Details Entry

    Sales Orders / Invoice Entry

    Import Pricing From Excel Template

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    We provide below approximate costs for implementing the Pricing Matrix system.   Based on each business’s unique requirements, a proposal will be provided with detailed costings depending on functionality required, number of users and other requirements.

    • Base price – $1,099 (single-user license) ($950 special price upto 30th June 2017)
    • Each additional license: $349
    • Installation & configuration: $299 (incl 2hrs training)
    • Annual license: $399 (irrespective of number of users)

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