• Hiring / Rental Management Add on System


    A unique Hiring / Rental Management Add-on that allows companies to manage the hiring of goods in a more streamlined way. The Hiring Add-on allows complete end-to-end automation of all aspects of hire / rental including customer setup, item serial number tracking, hiring pricing through to rental agreements, renewals, initial & on-going invoicing and termination.


    • Multiple Hire types and categories
    • Multiple Hire frequencies and associated charges
    • Maintain and track serial number of goods
    • Maintain warehouse locations and associated stock values
    • Search by customer name, item number, item serial number, period of hire etc
    • Generate hire agreements and hire termination receipts
    • Generate comprehensive reports on goods on Hire – by customer, warehouse location etc


    • Save significant time and effort in tracking goods out on rental at customer locations
    • Improve cashflow by identifying in advance goods due to be returned by customers so as to plan further rental and associated marketing activities
    • Accurately calculate total hire charges including other charges such as delivery, labour, installation etc

    Hiring System Overview

    Setting Up Customers, Items and Links to MYOB

    Booking and Hiring

    Hiring Renewal and Invoice Posting to MYOB


    “Fisher Lane is very impressed with the Hiring add-on system program that Smart Reports customised for us. We now have an invoicing system that http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ integrates well with Myob and produces multiple recurring invoices for numerous customers with one bulk posting . A very efficient and time saving system” Angela Cutri, Fisher Lane Mobility

    “I would like to extend to you my gratitude for your impeccable service throughout our dealings together. With smart reports we, as a company, have perfected our hiring system which has ensured great ease when processing multiple transactions for our clients.”  Cameron Croker, Keep Moving

    “The service from the Smart Reports team has been very professional. The Hiring System Addon system for the MYOB system developed by Smart Reports appears to achieve all our requirements and is working well. I would happily recommend Smart Reports to anyone looking for similar software design.”  Peter Gabriel, CEO, Choice Hire Pty Ltd

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    Approximate Cost:

    We provide below approximate costs for implementing the Hiring/Rental Add-on system.   Based on each business’s unique requirements, a proposal will be provided with detailed costings depending on functionality required, number of users and other requirements.

    • Base Price: $1,699 (single-user)
    • Each additional license: $249
    • Installation, configuration and training: $399
    • Annual license: $299 (irrespective of number of users)

    For further details and for an online demo, please complete the Enquiry section and click the Submit button.