Smart Reports – February 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our February 2013 Newsletter

Since our last Newsletter, there have been new developments in Smart Reports and we are keen to share these with you.

Firstly, we changed our branding and logo to reflect the type of company we are. Secondly, as part of the branding, we have re-designed our website.

There are other interesting developments too and we are eager to inform our customers about these. Browse below for further details.

Smart Reports – New Logo, New Branding

Smart Reports Solutions is a modern software development company delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our customers spread globally with our base in Australia. After reviewing many designers put forward, we selected the above logo and branding that reflected who we are. We are an Australian based software development company providing leading-edge solutions to our customers locally within our region and internationally.



Currently, we have customers in Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islans, Kiribati, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and USA. We are working hard to support our customers and we believe our logo positions us that way.

We are keen to receive feedback from you all.

New Website

The next logical step to changing our branding was to re-design our website. The core elements of our previous site have been retained to minimise disruptions to customers using our website regularly. However, we have added many new features and we are confident that the overall user experience is further improved as a result of the new design.

We have added new sections for Industry based solutions (such as Wholesale Distribution, Mobility Hirng), Mobile & Cloud solutions development and much more.

Your feedback on our new website will help us further improve the site.

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Over the last 12-18 months, Smart Reports Solutions has delivered mobile applications for iOS platforms (iPhone and iPad). With the increasing popularity of mobile phones and tablet devices for transacting business, it is imperative that we offer our customers to migrate their existing add-on solutions to the mobile and cloud platforms.

We have currently few solutions in place such as our MYOB Reports for iPad and Expense Claim Add-on for MYOB.

Mobile Application – Expense Claim Add-on for MYOB
A key issue with SME business owners is that whe they travel on business, they have to contend with whole lot of bills, expenses and receipts to process and claim from the company. Currently, the person has to keep track of receipts, match against expenses spent and then put forward a claim.

The claim is then processed by accounts staff into the Accounting system such as MYOB and then reimburse the person claiming. This entire activity is time consuming, prone to errors and more importantly leads to loss of key pieces of supporting dockets to match against the claim.

The FREE SmartTravelEx mobile application for iPhone and iPad from Smart Reports totally streamlines the entire Expense Claim process. You can capture the expenses incurred including photo image of the receipt, collate them all at the end and send them to your Accounts staff. Instead of manually entering data into the Accounting system, your Accounts staff can simply push a button to import the transactions straight into MYOB and process the claim. A true time saver for the business owner and the Accounts staff.

The iPhone / iPad is FREE to download from iTunes Appstore. Contact Us for a demo.

Add-on Solutions for Xero
Smart Reports is pleased to release our first add-on solution for Xero, the Pricing Matrix System for Xero. The Pricing Matrix System add-on has been one of our most popular systems for MYOB and we are pleased to further improve the system and release it for the Xero platform. The key feature of the Xero add-on are:

  • Specifically created for Wholesalers/Distributors requiring special pricing for customers
  • Maintain Product / Product-group specific Selling Price for Customers either $ or discount % on Base Selling Price
  • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one product or product group to another product or product group
  • Copy Pricing Matrix details from one customer to another customer
  • Generate Price Lists for individual customers
  • Automatic transfer of Invoices, Orders to Xero

As an introductory offer for Xero users, we are please to make the system available at 50% discount till the end of February 2013. Contact Smart Reports for a demo and further details.

Smart Reports on Social Media

We now have our own Facebook page. Please “Like” us on this page. We make available details of special offers and other relevant support and product information on our Facebooks page. Bookmark it now.

You can also follow us on Twitter. Our Twitter handle is @smartreports and you can see our messages here.

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