Mobility Hiring

Companies providing Mobility Hire services need to contend with many things such as:

  • Maintaining serial numbers on hire items
  • Managing hires as well as sales of items
  • Manage hires for healthcare providers such as hospitals, DVA etc while maintain details of end clients who use the hire equipment
  • Manage different pricing for normal hire, DVA hire etc
  • Renew hires or terminate them
  • Manage equipment service logs and maintenance details
  • much much more.

As a mobility hire service provider:

  • Are you using multiple Excel spreadsheets or other manual lists that duplicate data everywhere that does not link to your accounting system?
  • Are you spending hours reconciling data between your accounting system and other systems and not knowing true picture of current status of all hires?
  • Are you losing profits due to the inability to charge accurately for hire equipment and other charges (eg delivery/pickup etc)?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, then the Smart Reports Mobility Hiring add-on system is the ideal solution that will further streamline your hiring management and deliver direct profits to your business.  Its powerful configuration tools let you customize it to suit your business. And its intuitive, user-friendly interface means less time learning and more time working.

It can post transactions directly to your accounting system —no more redundant data entry. And because they share the same information you don’t have to worry about duplicate data.


Click the tabs below to learn more about the range of solutions available for your industry and the accounting system you use.

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