MYOB Sales Reports on iPad

Smart Reports is the first add-on provider to make available reports for the iPad using MYOB data.  Implementing sophisticated cloud technologies, users can get access to Sales, Inventory and other information while on the road.  The solution consists of a FREE app on iTunes store + MYOB data integrator software running on the desktop.

The following reports are included:

  1. Customer Monthly Sales – Quantity
  2. Customer Profitability by Product Category
  3. Customer Profitability by Salesperson
  4. GP By Salesperson Summary
  5. GP By Customer by Item Summary
  6. GP By Customers Detailed
  7. GP By Salesperson Detailed
  8. Gross Margin by Customer by Invoice Detailed
  9. Gross Margin by Distributor
  10. Gross Margin by Salesperson and Customer by Invoice Summary
  11. Items not bought by Distributor by Product Group
  12. Inventory Re-order report

For further details, click here.


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