Bill of Materials Add on System


Maintain Bills of Materials (MYOB Autobuild) for manufacturing, Job Costing and other purposes. Generate Bills for Production scheduling and update MYOB Inventory with actual usage of items.


The Bill of Materials Add-on system only updates inventory in MYOB based on quantity used during production rather than quantity allocated as part of Autobuild. Save significant time and effort involved in creating and maintaining Bills / Autobuild items. You can copy one Bill to another thereby removing redundant effort in creating similar Bills.

Approximate Cost:

We provide below approximate costs for implementing the Bill of Materials Add-on system.   Based on each business’s unique requirements, a proposal will be provided with detailed costings depending on functionality required, number of users and other requirements such as customised reports etc.

  • Base price – $999 (single-user license)
  • Each additional license: $299
  • Installation & configuration: $199 (incl 2hrs training)
  • Annual license: $299 (irrespective of number of users)

For further details and for an online demo, please complete the Enquiry section and click the Submit button.


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