Sales Orders to Purchase Orders


Specially designed for wholesalers/distributors and retailers, this unique MYOB Add-on system converts Customer sales orders into Supplier purchase orders.

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  • Select Sales Orders (raised in MYOB) for specific period for customers
  • Filter for selected periods and customers
  • Pick and choose individual orders to combine
  • Prepare a comprehensive list of supplier items to order (based on Primary Supplier in MYOB)
  • Combine Items in orders and create Supplier Purchase Orders



Save significant time and effort by combining multiple sales orders to create single purchase order for suppliers.
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  • Save time in creating Purchase Orders by combining multiple sales orders
  • Transfer the details to MYOB directly without the need to manually create the orders in MYOB.







“The Sales Orders to Purchase Orders add-on for MYOB saves us 6-8 hours of work every week that is otherwise spent in re-creating Supplier Orders in MYOB from the Customer Sales Orders.  We have no hesitation in recommending the Smart Reports add-on system to wholesalers like us.”  Ian Feary, Fearocious Feed Pty Ltd



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Approximate Cost:

We provide below approximate costs for implementing the Sales Orders to Purchase Orders Add-on system.   Based on each business’s unique requirements, a proposal will be provided with detailed costings depending on functionality required, number of users and other requirements such as customised reports etc.

  • Base Price: $899 (single-user)
  • Each additional license: $249
  • Installation, configuration and training: $299
  • Annual license: $299 (irrespective of number of users)

For further details and for an online demo, please complete the Enquiry section and click the Submit button.


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