MYOB Consolidated Reports for AccountRight Live

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Consolidate 2 to 10 or more MYOB company files and generated MYOB consolidated reports for Profit &Loss and Balance Sheet.

  • YOU save significant time and effort required to export and consolidate data.
  • Simplify YOUR process for reporting from multiple MYOB Account Right Live files

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Product Description

What is MYOB Consolidated Reports?

It is a consolidated financial statement that combines the financial statements of separate legal entities controlled by a parent company into one set of financial statements for the entire group of companies.

Why Smart Reports consolidated reports for MYOB® AccountRight Live?

Consolidated reports are required because it presents an aggregated look at the financial position of a parent and its subsidiaries. They enable you to gauge the overall health of an entire group of companies as opposed to one company’s stand-alone position.

Smart Reports Consolidated Reports for MYOB® AccountRight Live® – Features

  • Consolidated reports pack includes the following set of reports:
    • Consolidated Balance Sheet  By Company Report
    • Consolidated Balance Sheet  By Month Report
    • Consolidated Profit & Loss  By Company Report
    • Consolidated Profit & Loss  By Month Report
  • Supports MYOB AccountRight Live Premium, Plus & Standard Version 2015.1 and above. Supports company file that are stored both on desktop as well as on Cloud.
  • Work Offline mode – This option provides ability to generate reports even when MYOB is not connected online. This feature is ideal when you want to generate reports offline when you not connected to any network.
  • Consolidates 2 to 10 MYOB company files and generated MYOB consolidated reports for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Supports multiple financial year. Provides built-in configuration to support custom financial year settings.
  • Ability to export to Excel
  • Support previous, current and next financial years for report generation.

Business Benefits

  • Works with your existing MYOB® AccountRight Live®.
  • Ability to generate P&L and Balance Sheet reports for multiple group companies at ease
  • Saves time and effort in generating combined view of multiple group companies
  • Provides a simplified view of financial statements.
  • Ideal for those who are acquiring new businesses and/or opening new subsidiaries.
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